Product reviews for FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

Jose - Very Easy

Wasn't so bad.

Santiago - traffic law and substance abuse

this course showed and had some of the best information about traffic law and substance abuse

Gavin - gavin-Florida Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education Course

it wasn't easy. But it was allot of knowledge needed to know to be a better and safer driver ands was so fun to learn.

Javon - tlsae course

great learning experience

Daniel - It’s good

It’s good

Ella - Substance abuse education course

Helped me realize how dangerous drug and alcahol can be when driving.

Jacob - This was an amazing course.

Loved it.

Hannah - Thank you!!

I ended up learning a lot about laws and safety. Not only do i feel confident with the information i gained, I also feel confident in telling others.

Olivia - Good


Jurie - Florida Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education Course

knowledgeable content

Ryden - Very Good Course

The course was easy to understand.

Elizabeth - Florida Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education Course

This was an excellent course. Provided a clear listening device. Course quizzes every now and then. It was simple and easy. Right on point!

Dixie - Just what I needed

Loved it

Maria - that was easy

this was very easy

Craig - Drug and Alcohol Course

The price was good, also the refresher was very knowledgeable.

penny - thanks

price is good it was long but it was read along so i liked it

Ivan - Worth the money

Course was easy to navigate and understand.

Jeremias - It’s awesome

Everything was good experience

Trevor - Awesome

Easy Test because the website had great info easy to understand.

Alanis - Excellent

Even if the course is really long, the explanations are clear. As an international student I found it really easy to understand!

Mikayla - Drug and Alcohol Course

Its great! Its very informative and easy to understand!

Jaden - Jaden-Course Review


Jandel - Great

Great test

Klever - Klever-Drug and Alcohol Course

Good but long course.

Victoria - great course

very informative and esay to understand and navegate

Charlene - Very well organized and easy to understand.

Being cheaper than some of the other options, this course is very smooth, easy to read, and well put together. I will certainly recommend this to others!

Brianna - good course

It was a fast course and easy to understand

Raquel - TLSAE Course

great course

Amanda - good coarse

good coarse

Zoe - it's straight forward


Reginald - Reginald

Great intellectual driving course.

bobaya - Great Course

easy to navigate very informative as well

Melody - Drug and Alcohol Course

Straightforward, easy, and certified by the state. This was the most affordable course I found

Anthony - Drug and Alcohol Course

It was a decent size course. It mainly depends upon common sense.

Sandra - Drug and alcohol course

Long but overall easy and helpful course

Jacob - Drug and alcohol course

Easy to learn what you need to learn


Learned new stuff

Kamia - Drug and Alchohol Course

It was a very good but challenging experience.

Kyle - Drug and Alcohol Course

It was very fast and easy

Tyra - Tyra - Pretty Useful

Quick, easy, and simple. Super helpful.

Miley - Florida Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education Course

It was a easy and fun review.

CASON - Great

It was a Great course

Michael - Good.

This was informative.

Veren - Drug and alcohol course

I do enjoy taking this test. I am happy I passed it
The course was very informative

Carrie - Thumbs Up Course! Drug and Alcohol Course.

Good, Effective. Thank-You!

Clarissa - TLSAE Course

The course was very efficient and informative. I am glad I could work on it at my own pace with my hectic life. 10/10 I would recommend this course to others who have to take it.

Johnny - Good

Easy to read and comprehend

Mekhi - Mekhi- drug and alcohol course

Took a while but I passed

Juliana Antonella - Drug and alcohol course

very interesting

joshua - joshua- drug and alcohol test

great experience

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